Why Us

Individual Attention. Customized Representation. Proven Results. Read more below on why being different makes us better.

Individual Attention

We understand that the worst experience we can give you is the same experience you can get everywhere else. You are unique and your legal issue is unique to you. That is why with Horvat Law you will be more than just a client. Instead, you will be a member of the team. If you are comfortable paying for a large legal team and speaking to a different lawyer every time you have a question, Horvat Law is not the choice for you. If, instead, you prefer direct access to a talented and attentive lawyer who is engaged in every aspect of your case, give us a call.

Customized Representation

To ensure your needs are met, Horvat Law reserves its focus and resources on a select number of cases so we can provide you with customized representation. We understand that most legal disputes don’t need to be long expensive fights dictated by the egos and billing practices of the lawyers. Instead, lawyers should be in the business of dispute avoidance and resolution; they should not act as gasoline to a fire. That is why if we can satisfactorily resolve your case through mediation without a trial – excellent. If we can get you the result you deserve with a simple phone call – even better. With Horvat Law you can trust that your representation will be designed exclusively for you, and not dictated by a “one size fits all” law firm playbook.

Proven Results

While we strive to resolve your legal issue as quickly and efficiently as we can, that may not always be possible. Should significant litigation be required, Horvat Law has the skills and expertise to obtain the results you deserve. T. Andrew Horvat, the principal attorney of Horvat Law, is a highly skilled attorney with a documented history of winning difficult cases. Moreover, via his experience supervising the civil rights divisions for two of the largest legal agencies in Illinois, Andrew’s experience and skills are as unique as they are valuable. Andrew understands that during your legal dispute we may be the only ones in your corner. With Horvat Law, you can trust that you will have a highly skilled, experienced, and loyal attorney on your side from the first bell to the last.

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